Next Wave Impact | Stony Creek Colors
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Stony Creek Colors

Stony Creek Colors sells clean and safe natural dyes to the textile and fashion industries, allowing our customers to offer environmentally conscious premium products. Through its flagship natural indigo product the company has developed and proven a complete agricultural and manufacturing supply chain to replace synthetic dyes with plant-based drop-in solutions, with full transparency and authenticity, and meeting the technical performance and volume requirements of commercial customers worldwide.

Sarah Bellos, CEO

 Sarah Bellos, CEO and Founder, previously owned and operated a textile dye house offering garment and piece dyeing for independent fashion designers. A graduate of the Cornell University Agriculture School (2004), she has 10+ years of leadership experience in the textile, agriculture and sustainability industries.

Prior to launching Stony Creek Colors, Sarah operated Artisan Natural Dyeworks, a small batch textile dye house garment and piece dyeing for independent fashion designers seeking plant-based dyes at a commercial scale. In this role she saw firsthand the challenges with sourcing traceable plant-based indigo and inconsistency in then available supply chains.

She has been a recognized leader in research efforts to bring bio-based colorant production to farmers in the Southeastern U.S. In 2015, Bellos was awarded the Young Entrepreneur Award by the AATCC, American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists, the world’s leading not-for-profit association serving textile professionals.