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NeedsList is a global B2B marketplace connecting local non-profits with INGOs and corporate donors to create efficiency and transparency in crisis relief. We offer real-time information sharing and tracking tools to first responders from vetted charities and make this data available to the private sector in order to engage their communities in direct, measurable, authentic giving. Our platform provides a transparent way for corporate partners to quickly and easily meet real needs for real people.


Natasha Freidus , CEO

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Natasha is a social entrepreneur with fifteen years of experience applying human centered design for social good and a long-standing commitment to refugee and migration related issues. In early 2016, Natasha co-founded Prosper Community, a global consortium of partners and individuals who have developed the largest, publicly available database of migrant related social startups in Europe. Prior to NeedsList, Natasha was the founder of Creative Narrations, where she developed and implemented participatory media initiatives for a wide client base including HP’s Office of Global Social Innovation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a range of federally funded coalitions for diabetes and obesity prevention.


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