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Localized ( is a career tech company that connects college students and recent graduates in emerging markets to industry experts and employers looking for top talent.


Ronit Avni , CEO

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A serial entrepreneur and Peabody award-winning producer with experience building and leading teams in emerging markets, Ronit previously founded and led Just Vision, an organization that creates award-winning media and public education campaigns in the Middle East and North America. Under Ms. Avni’s leadership, Just Vision won the Puma Creative Impact award and dozens of other prizes and honors from Dubai to Jerusalem, Tribeca to the Berlinale.

She has worked with education ministers in the Middle East, raised over $10M in contributions and her team’s work was featured on the TED stage, at the UN, WEF and in nearly every major news outlet and viewed by millions of people on TV and online. Named a Young Global Leader through the World Economic Forum and a Term Member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Ronit sits on the jury of the MacArthur Foundation’s 100 & Change Competition and the Global Teacher Prize. Ronit served on the board of, which advises activists and technology companies on the ethical and strategic uses of video and technology for social impact.

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