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Joylux is a global FemTech company targeting the enormous but underserved female intimate care market with premium health solutions for postpartum and peri/menopausal women. With a US market size conservatively estimated at over $19B, intimate health is the fastest growing category in women’s health and wellness.

Our breakthrough products, vSculpt and vFit, use light energy, thermal heat, and sonic technology to tone, tighten and restore the vaginal tissue and muscles for improved bladder control, less vaginal dryness and reduced pelvic pain, leading to better overall intimate health and sexual function. Our pipeline of innovative products includes new devices for vaginal healing post-childbirth, and digital applications to collect data.


Colette Courtion , Founder, CEO

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A distinguished and award-winning consumer marketer, inventor, and business leader who leverages over 18 years of cross-functional expertise steeped in brand building, marketing, strategic planning, and finance with leading consumer product, retail and medical device companies to open up and grow new ventures.
Founder of three venture-backed consumer/ health and beauty-related startups based in Seattle, Washington, known as innovative category leaders with thousands of highly-satisfied customers served. Brand and product architect adept at identifying new growth potential from conception through successful execution while utilizing a highly resourceful approach to solving complex problems along the way. Author of multiple international patents. Extremely knowledgeable about consumer market trends, technologies, and consumer needs in the health and beauty industries.
Colette has been named by the Puget Sound Business Journal as one of the Top 15 Women of Influence in Seattle (2009) and Top 40 Under 40 leaders in Seattle (2006), and has actively supported non-profits in leadership roles including Seattle Art Museum Supporters and PONCHO.

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