Next Wave Impact | All across africa
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All across africa

All Across Africa creates jobs and markets to alleviate poverty for women and men across Africa. They design and produce high-quality handmade products for the home décor, kitchenware, and dining ware markets while creating much-needed employment across rural regions of Africa.

Alicia Wallace , COO & Co-Founder

Ms. Wallace’s move toward making a difference in East Africa began in Seattle, Washington where she met Mr. Stone. During and after earning her BA in economics, she worked alongside the owner of an eight-lawyer firm in downtown Seattle as the firm administrator. She joined Rwanda Partners as director of operations and development, creating programming and products in Rwanda. Overseeing operations for AAA and helping the poor in East Africa has become her life’s passion. Ms. Wallace finds solutions to challenges that arise in the start-up production and retail business located in multiple countries. She regularly travels to East Africa, scaling handmade production and impact, which has positively affected more than 22,200 people. As a constant learner, Ms. Wallace is leading the organization into new markets and product lines and is implementing the corresponding programs in new countries. Alicia holds a BA in economics from Seattle Pacific University.