Next Wave Impact | All across africa
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All across africa

All Across Africa creates jobs and markets to alleviate poverty for women and men across Africa. They design and produce high-quality handmade products for the home décor, kitchenware, and dining ware markets while creating much-needed employment across rural regions of Africa.

Greg Stone, CEO & Co-Founder

After many years serving impoverished people in Rwanda, Mr. Stone cofounded AAA, a social business that creates markets in the United States for handmade products in East Africa. His first social business experience began with his founding of the Rwanda Basket Company in 2007 to create sustainable employment for people living in poverty.

Before becoming involved with companies in Africa, Mr. Stone was the executive director of Eastside Academy in Seattle, an alternative high school for at-risk teens, and he held senior leadership positions at several Internet and technology companies. He holds a master’s degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California.