Next Wave Impact | Founders of Color Showcase 2021
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Founders of Color Showcase 2021

See the Showcase Website for more info.


Thanks to everyone who joined us on May 3rd for the second annual Founders of Color Showcase!


Watch the recording of the event here:


Congratulations to Change:WATER Labs (Most Investable) & Courtroom5 (Best Presentation/Q&A)



Last year’s showcase brought together more than 200 investors from the early-stage investing ecosystem and showcase 10 founders of color. Five special purpose vehicles were put together to invest nearly a million dollars into five of the 10 finalists.  In aggregate, the 20 semi-finalists and finalists went on to raise millions of dollars last year.  For more info, including a list of the semifinalists and finalists and a recording of the 2020 showcase, please see the

2020 Founders of Color Showcase Page