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Links to Good Reads



IRIS users frequently publish research and reports that draw on IRIS metrics and are available for use by the broader impact investing community. This website includes data briefs, academic papers, and reports that discuss impact measurement using IRIS metrics

IRIS metrics are designed to measure the social, environmental and financial performance of an investment. Filter based on your investment priorities and focus areas. The filter process is inclusive, so as you add criteria, applicable metrics will be added. Use the bookmark icon to save chosen metrics along the way. Download your selections when you have completed your search. I

Great Blogs by ACA Director Marianne Hudson:

The Best Routes to Angel Liquidity 

How Angels can Screen Companies for Awesomeness 


Why SAFE notes are not safe for entrepreneurs in TechCrunch by Pascal Levensohn, Andrew Krowne
The shortcomings of SAFE notes are coming home to roost; ironically, entrepreneurs are paying the price. Y Combinator invented the notes with a noble goal: “we intend the SAFE to remain fair to both investors and founders.” But many SAFE notes that entrepreneurs are quick to issue now have a nasty bite: much more dilution than the issuers thought when they signed those documents.

Y Combinator Response: Safes are not bad for entrepreneurs
Pascal Levensohn and Andrew Krowne recently published an article: “Why Safe Notes are not safe for entrepreneurs.” The authors were critical of the safe, describing it (as the click-bait title suggests), as bad for entrepreneurs. But the authors make an important point – which was clarified by Levensohn in a follow-up post — with which we don’t disagree: both investors and entrepreneurs need to understand the way that convertible securities convert, and they need to understand dilution.