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The Next Wave US Impact Fund I Portfolio (In progress)





Nepris is a cloud-based  platform that helps companies engage their employees in skills based volunteering to develop the next generation of the workforce.  Nepris matches the skills of working professionals to classroom and curriculum needs and virtually connects them with students to bring abstract lessons to life, mentor students on class projects, evaluate student work, provide insight into a day in the life of a professional and offer virtual tours of workspaces. Nepris makes it easy for teachers to leverage industry connections to bring real world knowledge and skills to students, while providing a reliable platform for companies to easily and effectively engage their employees with schools to help bridge the STEM pipeline gap.

Since the launch in Feb 2014 there are over 35,000 teachers and 22,000 employees from 5320 companies on the platform and over 30 partnerships with non-profit and govt intermediaries with a mission to connect industry and education. Notable industry partnerships include Verizon, AT & T, Monsanto, General Motors, Frito Lay , Samsung and others.

Video case studies of impact!

Forbes Articles on Nepris:



The Rising Tide US Pilot Program made investments in the following companies (2015-2016):


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The pilot RTF Europe Fund made investments in the following companies (2015-2016):

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