Next Wave Impact | Fellowship
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Fellows Program

  • Purpose:
    • Provide additional resources for the due diligence efforts of the NWIF Investment Committee and Limited Partner teams to ensure proper analysis for all companies in the NWIF shallow and/or deep due diligence process.
    • Create a learning experience for female graduate students or women who are working but cannot afford to participate in the NWIF
  • Background Requirements:
    • Completed undergraduate degree, have relevant work or study experience to assist in the due diligence efforts for start-up companies
    • In graduate school or working and interested in gaining experience in analyzing the investment opportunities of start-ups
  • Expectations/Responsibilities: ~10-30 hours per month for a year including:
    • Watch the monthly entrepreneur pitch presentations: 1.5 hours/month
    • Support one Due Diligence Team at a time including:
      • Review all materials on Proseeder to get up-to-speed on the company and synthesize for key information
      • Participate in and take notes for due diligence calls and save to Proseeder
      • Research relevant information during due diligence including market, competitors, valuations, exits, etc.
      • Support analysis on financial models, cap tables, etc. as needed
      • Help prepare investment memo (document relevant information, gather information from team members, format, etc.)
      • Other duties related to due diligence, as assigned
    • Participate in trainings, book club, conferences, etc. (as desired by the Fellow)


To apply, please send cover letter and CV to

One year commitment required.